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Acupuncture is a therapy developed in China more than 2’000 years ago.  It aims to restore balance & harmony to the whole body, by inserting very fine acupuncture needles in specific body points.  Traditional Acupuncture theory says that all ailments in the body can be fixed by restoring balance to the vital energy (Qi). In simple terms, this means that your Acupuncturist will determine the underlying cause of your pain and will develop a treatment plan to remove it, getting rid of the pain at the same time.

Your Registered Acupuncturist is also a highly trained Chinese herbalist as well. In the course of treatment, you may be prescribed some traditional Chinese herbal remedies. Thanks to modern techniques, we no longer have to use ground up & boiled extracts. All of the remedies we use come as convenient capsules. They are tested to Australian safety standards & do not contain any animal products.

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