What kind of massage do I need?

At Coffs Pain Relief Clinic we offer a range of different Massage therapies.

You need Remedial Massage if you are a sports person, if you have a specific injury or an ongoing chronic pain condition. Our Remedial Therapists are highly trained in assessing injuries & illness, always working towards a quick, effective rehabilitation plan for you.  In many cases we find that a regular routine of Remedial massage is the best form of injury prevention for sports people & pain prevention for chronic conditions (including chronic stress!)


You need Relaxation Massage if you suffer from low pain tolerance conditions. Remedial massage is a very deep & stimulating massage & this is not suitable for all pain conditions.  These are the times when Relaxation massage is excellent. Chronic stress & insomnia are also conditions which respond well to Relaxation massage, as are some neuropathies & dystrophies. The aim of Relaxation massage is to relax your nervous system so that it can repair & rejuvenate your body. Sometimes a deep quality rest is just what your body needs.