What can I expect?

Your Acupuncturist will take a full health history from you – it is just a questionnaire designed to find the real reason you have pain.  Your therapist will talk to you about all the different points he might insert a very tiny, fine acupuncture needle into.  The needling does not hurt and feels very similar to poking your skin with a ball-point pen.  You may need to remove some of your clothes – a lot of acupuncture points are found on your arms & legs – but you will be covered with towels and will not be exposed in any way.

Acupuncture needles are generally left in for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.  You will have this time to simply relax & listen to some good music.

Your Acupuncturist may also choose to use a TDP Lamp on an injury site.  This is a far infrared heat lamp which assists in quick internal healing & is a smokeless alternative to the traditional moxa.

When working with children, sensitive injuries or high levels of pain, your Acupuncturist may choose to use a laser stimulator instead of traditional needles.  For kids especially this is an excellent alternative to needles (and far less scary!)

After your treatment you should expect to feel relaxed and most people can experience an easing of their symptoms after their first treatment.



Loose, comfortable clothing & underwear.
Any recent test results, letters from specialists, x-rays or scans. Please bring a list of any medication or supplements you currently take.
After your treatment you can continue your day as normal. Some people like to schedule their appointment to allow a period of relaxation afterwards. Whatever you do, make sure you drink plenty of water and follow the instructions your therapist gives you.
You do not need to be injured to have an appointment. Acupuncture is a preventative health treatment and best results are gained by regular maintenance appointments. We want you to be pain free – all of the time!