Massage Therapy



Shiatsu is a powerful form of energy-based bodywork. Shiatsu can effectively treat a range of musculo-skeletal and stress-related problems and can help prevent health problems arising.

With its roots in Japan, Shiatsu uses relaxed body weight, applied principally with the hands, to stimulate the body’s self-healing. In addition to treating a wide range of specific health issues, it is deeply relaxing and can enhance one’s overall health and sense of well-being.

Shiatsu treatment is traditionally performed with the patient fully clothed and treatments usually last for 30mins to approximately an hour.

Remedial Massage is a treatment for specific injuries or common muscular problem. This massage is tailored for each individuals needs to effectively heal or improve the underlying problem. Remedial massage uses techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy & stretching techniques & is great for sports injuries or common muscular problems.

Tui Na is a manual therapy which involves rubbing, kneading and manipulating the muscles of the body to ease pain, restore function & relax tension.

Not only does massage feel great, it works in a number of ways to eradicate pain & bring back freedom of motion to all areas of your body. It relieves muscle tension and pain and increases flexibility and mobility.

If you are serious about your sport or just serious about having fun playing sport, Massage is a vital recovery & maintenance tool. Massage helps clear lactic acid and other tissue waste after sport, injury & illness, which then reduces pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Massage plays a huge role in recovery after prolonged illness or rehabilitation periods after injury.  Massage stimulates the lymphatic system & general circulation, creating the right environment for your body to recover fully & quickly.


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